We're here for those that say...


We’re here for those that say, “but I’m not done yet.”

We’re here for those organizations who know high performance is

about making the workplace better “but don’t quite know quite how.”

Over the last decade, the emergence of ever more innovation and disruptive technology is changing everything -- our culture, economy, business, government -- practically everything has undergone seismic transformation.

Work is changing in every way with the emergence of ever more innovative and disruptive technology and the entrenchment of gig economics. Has technology make work better?


We witness and struggle with the speed of work every day to stay above water let alone to get ahead. When we’re in a constant battle zone it’s no wonder that 85% percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs (source: Gallup).

While there are new challenges, new expectations and new innovations that are impacting the way we think, learn, live and work, we have not changed how we merge the value and impact of experienced employees with new, younger and more mobile talent. (We call it Age by-passingTM and more on that in our next blog.)

Left unchecked; not integrating diverse talents and skills no matter what generation, -- will undermine camaraderie, reduce team effectiveness – will curtail of innovation, erode economic growth and stall brand health.


Employers have to re-think how to merge the best of their existing employees with new, and more mobile talent.

This means everyone needs to pitch in, have an open mind and adapt. We have to figure out the right way to close the multi-generation gap and leverage multi-cultural talent, in ways that are productive and rewarding for everyone; shareholders and stakeholders alike.

  • The war for talent, putting the right people in the right spots has never been more challenging.

  • No one wants to stay that long or work as hard without a purpose.

  • Who would have thought our competition would be companies that started just a few years ago.

  • I know our people are our greatest asset, I don’t know how best to make them more productive, more happier at work.

Here’s the thing, we cannot sit by and wonder, leaving it up to technology to figure it out. Those that flourish will be those that understand the most important development is how you select, grow, merge, teach and inspire your people, whether they are young, experienced, retained talent or contingent partners.

Join us every week as we bring stories, stats, questions, curiosities and pathways to making you, each one of us and our organizations more purposeful and therefore even better. We believe our workplaces no matter the size can be humane again, where we’re excited to go to work. Where we’re better as leaders, better as teams making valuable, impactful contributions.

We’re in the business of purpose because purpose leads to better: