Evolution is messy


Over the last decade, our culture, economy, business, government – practically everything – has undergone seismic transformation. There are new challenges, new expectations, and new innovations that are impacting the way we think, learn, live and work.


Age by-passing™

What We Heard From You: Everyone’s in New Shoes


Based on extensive research including interviews with more than +30 CEOs and a cadre of CMOs, CFOs, and CROs, focus group salons with senior level women, and our extensive work coaching hundreds of executives, we know that at a certain point, there’s an invisible yet very present corporate atmosphere of Age By-passing™.

We’ve been there too.

It comes about surprisingly because it’s after a long, healthy stretch of multiple, substantial contributions.

In the territory of age by-passing, we feel dismissed, alone and - in a flash - irrelevant. If not fully ignored or cut from the mother ship, we carry a daily fear of our leadership in question, and the quiet of the unspoken “here it comes” is deafening.

“But I’m not done yet”

We’ve been witnesses to the scene but when it inevitably happens to us, it’s a breathless, seizing punch in the gut.

We know how hard it is to start the conversation, to admit we’ve allowed ourselves to be age-shamed, and after all the reinvention we’ve done, are paralyzed – to now have to do it again.

We lose our confidence in a way that’s rattling to core and in seconds, we stand on new precarious ground. Our inner strength that has kept us afloat in turbulent times seems to lost, we’re cast adrift on an open sea.

It goes something like this: “I’m stuck for the first time in 20 years. I still want to make a contribution.”

  • My job was my hobby, I think I’m reinventing but my company can’t get past my age

  • It’s particularly jarring because it feels so isolating, and there seems to be few roadmaps

  • I’m not my father or mother, not out to pasture yet

  • More stuck, more burned out, more unfocused, I don’t know where to start

  • Psychologically less prepared than financially.

No longer. This static sterotypying, this generational combat zone is a battle that no longer serves anyone.

The Purposeworks Individualworks program is designed for Thrivers™ to leverage your experience and seek new meaningful ways to go to work, to contribute .


“Making Your Company, Your Workplace Better”: But How? 

Work is changing in every way with the emergence of ever more innovative and disruptive tech and the entrenchment of gig economics. Employers have to re-think how to merge the best of their existing employees with new, and more mobile talent.

This means everyone needs to pitch in, have an open mind and adapt. We have to figure out the right way to close the multi-generation gap and leverage multi-cultural talent, in ways that are productive and rewarding for everyone; shareholders and stakeholders alike.

  • The war for talent, putting the right people in the right spots has never been more challenging.

  • No one wants to stay that long or work as hard without a purpose.

  • Who would have thought our competition would be companies that started just a few years ago

  • I know our people are our greatest asset, I don’t know how best to make them more productive, more happier at work.

Here’s the thing, we cannot sit by and wonder leaving it up to the technology to figure it out. Those that flourish will be those that understand the most important development is how you select, grow, merge, teach and inspire your people, whether they are retained talent or contingent partners. 
The Purposeworks Companyworks programs are organized to help organizations design, enlist and on-board  leaders, your Thrivers, into new roles. Building the next generations of leaders, starts with leaders.