42% of our waking day is lost to distractions. How to gain time back?

Our most precious commodity, no matter how wealthy, is time. We complain about being too busy -- an overfilled email box, double booked on meetings, no time to think through a report, let alone workout, dinner with family or a night out with friends.

The biggest obstacles to holding onto our time are the little distractions. We often don't even see them.

And it appears this is no imagined phenomenon. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, found that the American office worker is interrupted or switches tasks, on average, every three minutes and five seconds.

Worse still, the research shows that it takes an average 23 minutes and 15 seconds just to get back on track. That translates to:

  • 6.2 hours lost every day
  • 31 hours per week
  • 67 days/year
  • 280 billion lost hours in the American workforce
  • $1 trillion in damage to the US economy.

With even greater speed of change, conversations are happening more readily and spontaneously. That's all good. Yet, how do you manage the need to talk and manage your workflow. Being mindful of small distractions, is one step in holding to your priorities and schedule. When you're a bit out of balance and want to recharge into your next project with full attention, take a mindful S.N.A.C.K.