Mind the Gap

The events of the past weeks provide a singular practical insight on how to thrive in the midst of the continuous unexpected: seeing what’s really there and not just what we want to see.

What does that mean for you? What does that mean for your business?

Change is constant. No news there. New policies on health care, taxes, trade; inevitable. Yup. Your organization is fully deployed to rethink, revise, reposition, and innovate across every department. Heads are down, meetings in session, strategy in development and reports in progress.

At first glance, a well-oiled machine. What you want to see. 

But is this busy work or the work of progress? Will you be able to deliver consistent and purposeful value now and long-term? What aren’t you seeing? Are you minding the gap?

The crucial engine for growth is engagement: Linking strategy + people. A few stats:

  • 70%  –   The percentage of U.S. workers not engaged at work
    • 40%  –  The average percentage of employees that actually know their company’s goals,                    strategies, tactics
  • 250% – The average difference in annual revenue a company with an engaged workforce                   generates over competitors with poor employee engagement

In hard numbers, a motivated workforce yields 2X higher annual net profits than an unengaged one.

When you combine your people with your strategy it allows you to be sharper, wiser, more hopeful and significantly better prepared to act with confidence in not only navigating the present, but also building the future. 

It’s the critical difference between merely sustaining or thriving.

Here's how to get started: Are you communicating a unified purpose and clear set of objectives? Are you creating an environment of collaboration, as well as an opportunity for people to experience personal growth?

The Purposeworks is a social change consultancy focused on redefining the way we live and work. We collaborate with leaders and organizations to engage people + purpose as the engine for progressive growth. 

Jane Lauterback