84% Of Executives Believe Culture Is Critical To Business Success....

Yet 50% Say Culture Is Not Effectively Managed Or Not On The Leadership Agenda.

Not surprised that 50% of executives believe their culture is not effectively managed.  We reason its because for one culture without a purpose is like driving in the dark without headlights.  In short form, culture are the values by which an organization operates; how decisions are made, how employees behave, how customers are treated.

Purpose is your reason for being beyond the financials, it's the underpinning for the whole organization. If your company was shuttered tomorrow would anyone care?

Purpose shapes culture. Knowing your reason for being molds character, values and behavior.

Second, we believe that the sweeping power of purpose requires clear and consistent communication cascaded throughout the entire organization – unifying people from the factory floor up, across geographies and in every operating division.

The real challenge executives have is in the how – how to do it.  Step one: don’t leave it up to Marketing or HR or Strategy, or Sales. Make it your agenda and everyone else's. Breakdown the silos, work as a group, be honest and start defining what’s worth defending; what’s fixed and what's up for grabs. 

Third, this is the secret, your purpose is already inside you and the organization.  You can’t make it up. You can, however, uncover it. Further define it. Express it. And measure outcomes.

Get started.  We’re here to help.

The Purposeworks is a social change consultancy focused on redefining the way we live and work. We collaborate with leaders and organizations to engage people + purpose as the engine for progressive growth.