The Purposeworks
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Age is beauty.  Be who you want to be right now. But, how?



Over the last decade, our culture, economy, business, government -- practically everything -- has undergone seismic transformation.  There are new challenges, new expectations, and new innovations that are impacting the way we think, learn, live and work.

Yet, while the world is radically evolving, there’s one place that has kept old attitudes, language and expectations. That’s the place where age is viewed, even reviled as a road block. 


What We Heard From You And From Ourselves

Based on extensive research including interviews with more than 50 CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, and CROs, focus group salons with senior level women, and our extensive work as coaches having worked with hundreds of executives, we know that at a certain point, there’s a invisible yet very present corporate atmosphere of age by-passing.


We surfaced a new behavioral and societal shift in response to the psychological impact and cultural barriers of workplace. 

No longer: This static sterotypying, this generational combat zone is a battle that no longer serves anyone.  

We are here to erode the myth, to support women and men: who have pride in their stripes of accomplishments and wrinkles; who are curious, who are courageous and explorers; who have broken barriers before, and who again seek to shape our future in ways that are better than before.  

Be grateful to the past and open to the future.

Meet Thrivers


We are an exceptional tribe of warriors, who are proud of our fulfilling careers, and are redefining how to be inspired, be productive, to make more contributions, to make a difference in our own way. For some, likely many, perhaps for the first time, be able to be who we really want to be. 

Thrivers did what was expected and you defied stereo types (e.g., counterculture, independent, racial and women’s rights). You carried the ball everywhere, today it’s called work/life balance.  You just did what was needed without a title or trend analysis or magazine headline. You took on challenges, mastered them, and paid it forward. Sometimes you were comfortable, and sometimes not at all home in your own self.

We know we’re not perfect. Yet hold quality, objectivity, honesty, and impact as a non-compromising obligation

Thrivers are amazing people of substance, sophistication, insight, and inner power and purpose. You know who we are. You are curious and thrive on the exploration to shape your future in ways that are better than before.  

You want to stand on the shoulders of your experiences and do more, for yourself, and a slew of others. In small everyday ways and together in big important ways. Shall we say, feminism, counter-culture, the internet, ecology, eradication of polio, and probably more notable music that stands the test of time.


Demanding attention: getting unstuck.

Like any evolution, it’s messy. We get stuck in established models. 

Ok, we’ve been there before (and we know being stuck is a trigger to unstuck). That’s because this next step has a bigger-ness to it, it’s more heartfelt and emotional, driven by our own desires, not what’s been expected of us. What demands attention today is how we empower and inspire ourselves and those around us to harness the disruptive potential of change and new cultural requirements to drive individual fulfillment, social impact, and for our businesses revenue growth and brand stature

It’s not about an age, though we see this shift starting mid-career. Finding the next professional place is particularly jarring because it feels isolating particulary as there a just a few roadmaps to use.  

Not all those who wander are lost.
— JRR Tolkien


Reinvention was once the pathway to staying ahead.  Today, it is purpose that’s defining new ways to stepping ahead.  Purpose is the key to living a longer, happier, healthier life. It’s is the key to creating a better world. When we call purpose into our lives, we make the bold decision to be original, to build a life that fulfills us, provides for us economically, allows us to connect with the people we love and uses our greatest gifts.  

Purpose is our initiation to the path of personal and professional leadership, of finding our own voice, forging our own path in the world, of contributing all we have towards the greatest good.



All great things start with an idea, a plan. The same can be said of great lives, when they are forged with a plan, a blueprint to live and lead with an explicit relationship to a life purpose. Although each of has a unique purpose, few of us have fulfilled our destiny to live an explicit relationship to it. 

The LEADERSHIPWORKS PROGRAM is your blueprint, molded by you through a step-by-step process comprised of one-on-one coaching and participation in a series of facilitated workshops with the same cohort of Thrivers:

  • A core network of same-stage, like-minded senior professional women
  • A clear vision + action plan to move purposefully toward your next goal 
  • Relevant workshops to access new thinking, collective wisdom and inspiration
  • Shared experiences and relationship building
  • Practical skills for shaping your future
  • Radical self-inquiry to unlock and clear away deep roadblocks


XXXX is a six-month program whereby each client’s individual plan is molded by their own experiences, objectives and what’s personally meaningful, in combination with a step-by-step process comprised of one-on-one coaching and participation in a series of facilitated small workshops and seminars. For the six-month program, each client is a part of cohort of like-minded, same-stage, senior professional women.  Our clients receive clear individual action steps and accountability to guide them from their current position to their personal ‘Primetime’.

  • Eight One-on-One Coaching Sessions. Coaching is to unpack issues and goals, and working co-actively to design a workplan and key action steps. It provides perspective and self-reflection to see what to shed, what to keep, and what new insights and approaches will produce results.
  • Four Themed Small Workshops. The workshops are designed for building new relationships and advocates; to learn and test ideas collaboratively; and receive all-important, constructive feedback. Each session covers new content and has guest speakers.
  • Toolkit Seminars. Led by SME’s from a variety of industries, the seminars include practical, actionable insights into a variety of next-stage career options including: transitioning to the non-profit sector; board memberships; entrepreneurship; consulting; and shifting avocations into occupations. 


  • A clear vision + action plan to move purposefully toward your personal ‘Primetime’

  • A core network of same-stage, like-minded senior professional women

  • A work group that enables you to tap into collective wisdom and inspiration
  • A exemplary circle of ambassadors serving as models and mentors (to acquire and retain
  • the best and brightest) for the next generation of talent

Independent Membership