thrivers™ program

Our programs and services are based on our extensive experience and skills guiding hundreds of people through the psychological and cultural barriers to harness their full potential.

The best employees are Thrivers™

Based on an EY study of professionals across three generations, characteristically, Thrivers™ scored highest as being:

  • hardworking (73%)

  • productive (69%)

  • team player (56%)

  • essential for others’ development (55%)

  • best generation to “manage in challenging times (48%)


A New Stage, a New Way: For Leaders

Like Leadershipworks™, it’s a blueprint, co-created with you and guided from our own experience and taps into hundreds of other executives who have been in your shoes.  It’s a coordinated process comprised of one-on-one coaching and participation in a series of customized content with the same cohort of Thrivers™: A view into the program:

  • A core network of same-stage, like-minded professionals

  • Radical self-inquiry to unlock and clear away deep roadblocks

  • A clear vision + action plan to move purposefully toward your next goal 

  • Relevant content to access new thinking, collective wisdom and inspiration

  • Dialogue with others in your cohort to share experiences, build relationship and to help root new thinking

  • Learn/deepen practical skills, for greater ease and confidence in shaping your future


Integrate thrivers™ in new ways

As outlined in our Companyworks™, our services include programs to help organizations design, enlist and integrate talent and Thrivers™ into new roles, building the next generation of leaders starts with leaders.

It's essential to integrate generations with navigating this life challenge by providing guidance and training for their next step.

At the same time you:

Keep true ambassadors

Retain memory muscle longer

Mentor as role models for talent on their way up

Reflection of the company’s social responsibility


Briefings & Consulting

Rooted in our deep strategic understanding of Thrivers™, we help brands generate product and communications that deeply connects with the heart of this emergent consumer base. 

We help business leaders, product teams and marketing organizations understand how to authentically connect with and stay ahead of the needs and values of this vital and influential demographic/psychographic

Download: Everything’s changed…but for one thing: Age By-Passing™