We are here to erode the myth, to support women and men: who have pride in their stripes of accomplishments and wisdom in their wrinkles. We’re here for those who are curious, courageous and explorers; who have broken barriers before, and who again seek to shape our future in ways that are better than what came before.

Start here; first impressions last

Living in a world of texting and 140 characters, the words we use are even more critical than ever before.  The wordswe use have a significant impact on what’s influenced, understood, misunderstood and acted upon.

The static stereotyping, the generational language of old (cougar, over the hill, grey-haired) is no longer accurate or acceptable, for anyone, as we’re experiencing life in a very different way than those who came before us.  

Thrivers are amazing people of substance, sophistication, insight and inner power and purpose. You know who you are. You are curious and thrive on exploration; to shape your future in ways that are better than before.  

We are an exceptional tribe of warriors, who are proud of our fulfilling careers, and are redefining how to be inspired, be productive, to make more contributions and make a difference in our own way. For some, likely many – and perhaps for the first time – we’ve have the financial, social and psychological means to be able to be who we really want to be. 

As Thrivers, we did what was expected and we defied stereo types (e.g., counterculture, independent, racial and women’s rights). We carried the ball everywhere, today it’s called work/life balance.  We just did what was needed without a title or trend analysis or magazine headline. We took on challenges, mastered them, and paid it forward. Sometimes we were comfortable, and sometimes not all that at-home in our own selves. 

We know we’re not perfect. Yet hold we quality, objectivity, honesty, and impact as a duty that is not up for compromise.

After years of hard work and contributions, you want to keep going -- perhaps in new ways – you want to stand on the shoulders of your experiences and do more, for yourself, and a slew of others. In small everyday ways and together in big important ways. 


The Gateway to getting unstuck.

Ok, we’ve been there before, yet this time it has a bigger-ness to it --- more heartfelt and emotional, driven by our own desires, not what’s been expected of us as individuals and as leaders. In every case, the most important step to getting unstuck is realizing you’re stuck.

What demands attention today is how we empower and inspire ourselves and those around us to harness the disruptive potential of change and new cultural requirements to drive individual fulfillment, social impact.  And, for our businesses, revenue growth and brand stature.

Purpose Is Your Northstar

Reinvention was once the pathway to staying ahead.  Today, it is purpose that’s defining new ways to stepping ahead.  Purpose is the key to living a longer, happier, healthier life. It’s is the key to creating a better world. When we call purpose into our lives, we make the bold decision to be original, to build a life that fulfills us, provides for us economically, allows us to connect with the people we love and uses our greatest gifts.  

Purpose is our initiation to the path of personal and professional leadership, of finding our own voice, forging our own path in the world, of contributing all we have towards the greatest good.


(For leaders)

All great things start with an idea, a plan. The same can be said of great lives, when they are forged with a plan, a blueprint to live and lead with an explicit relationship to a life purpose. Although each of has a unique purpose, few of us have fulfilled our destiny to live an explicit relationship to it. 

The LEADERSHIPWORKS PROGRAM™ is your blueprint, molded by you, developed from our own experience and those of hundreds of other executives who have been in your shoes.  It’s a step-by-step process comprised of one-on-one coaching and participation in a series of facilitated workshops with the same cohort of Thrivers:

  • A core network of same-stage, like-minded senior professional
  • A clear vision + action plan to move purposefully toward your next goal
  • Relevant workshops to access new thinking, collective wisdom and inspiration
  • Shared experiences and relationship building
  • Practical skills for shaping your future
  • Radical self-inquiry to unlock and clear away deep roadblocks

lEAD MORE FULLY(For The Organization)

The COMPANYWORKS PROGRAM™ is based on the belief that critical quotient of success is people.  There’s no one-way roadmap to navigate the new world of work.  What’s required is a cultural mindset, an openness to new ideas, ability for rapid testing and refining, communication throughout, be learners and measure. Here are starters:

  1. Community rules: ensure you have commarderie among the leadership team and throughout every level of your organization.  There’s power in number and in your shared stories. 
  2. Lead through purpose: it’s a unifier, an agreed approach/understanding for growth; for individuals, teams and organizations
  3. Build tools and methodologies to guide, shape and grow new nodes of talent strength (coaching and workshops):     
    1. Designing/co-creating career roadmaps
    2. Understanding and leveraging strengths
    3. Assessments for right fit
    4. Critical thinking and pivoting in time of continuous ambiguity
    5. Organization 
  4. Prepare and empower all stages of talent for their next stage of professional and personal fulfillment
    1. See Thrivers as continuous role models, extend purpose in new ways: retain clients and senior staff


    We work alongside teams to quickly pinpoint the hotspots, gridlock, and the areas of friction. We then design and integrate pathways for near-term and contagious, lasting growth.


    Brand Strategy, Culture and Communications

    • Brand Strategy + Culture Integration: A process and programs engineered to uncover, define, ignite and reinforce your unique purpose using our proprietary tools, research methodologies and proven resources
    • Organizational Alignment: Align dynamic and diverse talents, teams and needs across geographies by embedding a simple system that brings unity, understanding, focus and ease for getting great work done
    • Business Development: Set pathways for contagious growth and innovation to achieve near-team and stretch-goal results

    Team Coaching and Workshop Facilitation

    Learning In Action: Develop team skills and keen emotional intellegence through a series of team coaching sessions and workshops, for accelerating effectiveness and building better relationships. Areas of focus include: 

    • Effective Partnering – improved communications and effective listening 
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Better Time Management

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    • Leadership Development: Gain awareness of your skills, behaviors, values and motivations to increase EQ, improve communications, prioritization and clear decision making
    • On-boarding: Goal setting, action planning, and attain traction at an early stage to lead and influence more effectively. Garner strong support and achieve meaningful wins. Work more efficiently by sustaining long-term engagement.
    • Assessments: Provide objective perspectives to see patterns of what’s working, what’s not, and recommend clear action steps for improved performance

    Sustaining Peak Performance:

    Mindfulness and Contemplative Neuroscience

    • Get Unstuck: Demolish stress-related roadblocks and build clarity, peak attention and resilience


    • We help like-minded brands and companies reach our audience via our publishing and events.  
    • From our ongoing research program, we offer strategic briefingS, a half-day workshop to help you connect with this emergent age.
    • We offer bespoke research services based on our deep connections to our community.
    • We offer half day HR briefings to help companies learn the very best strategies for optimizing multi-generational teams
    • We create bespoke content — written, photographic and video — for individuals and organizations.
    • We are available for speaking engagements


    THRIVERS stand up and be proud. With their sheer size and social and economic standing, it makes them the most powerful generation to have ever lived.

    • Soon 50% of the US population will be 50 or older, that’s 74M people
    • Control 70% of the nation’s disposable income
    • Stand to inherit $15T in the next 20 years
    • Shell out more for services: health care, travel and entertainment
    • Highly social media media-savvy
    • Able to put their money towards whatever’s trending
    • Women drive 70% to 80% of all consumer purchasing,

    It’s proven, experience matters.  Thrivers has a significant impact on the workplace and on work life. 

    • A founder who’s 50 years old is 1.8 times more likely to start a top company than a 30 year old or even worse a 20 year old. EY released a study of professionals across three generations:
    • Characteristically, boomers scored highest as being: 
      • hardworking (73%)
      • productive (69%) 
      • team player (56%)
      • essential for others ’ development (55%)
    • best generation to “manage in challenging times (48%)

    Sources: A study by Benjamin F. Jones and his team at Kellogg and an EY study of professionals across three generations: