Purpose Company of the Month: Northface

The North Face is selected as our Purpose Company of the Month because they have a valuable reason for being, providing gear for exploration – and in the way you choose. That could be climbing the grandest mountains of world to fighting the snow and ice of The Slope in Ithaca on the way to class or battling the gusts swirling winds of lower Manhattan.

For 50 years, The North Face has never strayed from its core purpose, pushing the limits so users can push theirs. This week The North Face stepped forward again, this time with its global Move the Mountain initiative; a commitment to empower young to older women.   While not about equipment or gear in the traditional sense, it is through storytelling of adventurous and courageous female explorers, that we can learn and follow by example. Having a guide, a footpath provides the inner strength that we can do it too.  What we choose, the stories we tell ourselves, our headspace is the ultimate gear.

In this tapestry, The North Face is collaborating with another major trailblazer, the Girl Scouts.  Together, in a multi-year commitment these two organizations are developing outdoor programs and badges that encourage new experiences and in so doing enhancing confidence and leadership skills.

Enabling others to be better in their own way, is a celebration of purpose.  We applaud The North Face in standing alongside explorers to inspire new inventors creating a brighter today and the future.



Jane Lauterback