4 Essential Guiding Principles

I visited the FDR Four Freedoms Park yesterday on Roosevelt Island  --- why hadn't I gone sooner? As the NYT says, "it gives NY nothing less than a new spiritual heart." The space is beautiful -- overlooking the East River with a direct sight line to the United Nations.   The architect Louis Kahn finished the design of the monument in 1974, and it took almost 40 years to gather the resources to take action and not only deliver a memorial park, but an important statement of leadership, vision and of course, freedom.

While FDR's Four Freedoms speech embraces significant civic and moral principles, they are guiding principles for business as well.

They suggest:

Taking on social challenges and addressing the vulnerabilities of communities that relate to economic fairness

Recognizing that personal behavior and treatment of colleagues are decisions that will define the short and long term view of an organization

Continuing to bring inspiration and hope to the work place; when people are brought together, they can do so much more when unified and inspired

Prevailing in the face of failure is hard, but with patience and determination, comes the purpose to commit to doing what’s right for the betterment of all.

Fortunately, I can easily ride over the East River to the Four Freedoms monument, to be reminded that it may take longer than I ever thought for good results, but perseverance – and what I learned along the way -- was worth it all. 

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Jane Lauterback