Destiny or Fate?

Most people use fate and destiny interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Fate is leaving outcomes up to chance. Destiny is thoughtful planning to achieve goals.

Now, let’s apply that logic to Impact Investing.

GIIN’s Annual Impact Investor Survey cites the sector grew to $74 billion dollars in 2015 covering 7,551 impact investments. In another study The Case Foundation predicts the potential for the space will be a trillion-dollars in 5 years.

This rising tide lifts all boats and that's exactly what’s needed to solve the big kahuna challenges that lie ahead.

Yet, with more investor interest, how do you package your offerings to take advantage of this growth? Are you leveraging your brand and communications as efficient tools to create distinction and engage more investors, collaborators and all stakeholders?

Simply put, are you leaving relationship building up to fate or a thoughtfully considered strategic approach that insures your successful destiny?

Knowing the answers to the questions below is a sure way to construct the scaffolding of a powerful brand.

1.    What are your immediate and future forward business goals?

2.    Know your audience: family office, foundation, pension fund, type of retail investor?

3.    What do they know about you? What do you want them to know?

4.    Do you have a well-defined brand strategy? Is it being applied consistently in how you              market to each of your audiences?

5.    How are you using technology to reach and continue conversations with your stakeholders?

We believe in having an efficient, responsive approach to every project that’s tailored to each client’s unique challenge. We'll help you discover how to activate your brand's Purpose and put it to work. That's what we call Purposework.