The Purposeworks


The Purposeworks is a space for leaders, teams and organizations to accelerate results with ease, clarity and constructive action.


Work is changing in every way with the emergence of ever more innovative and disruptive tech and the entrenchment of gig economics. Employers have to re-think how to be fluid, how to support, develop and merge the best of their existing employees with new, and more mobile talent. 

Talent in disruption

  •   Average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times in a career

  •   Typical tenure in a role is 4 years

This means we must close the multi-generational gap and leverage multi-cultural talent, in ways that are productive and rewarding for everyone; shareholders and stakeholders alike.


Below are our services for leaders, teams and organizations.  Purpose is at the core because having a purpose leads to better: it drives clarity of values and vision, it’s how to communicate, share values and differences, nurture curiosity, listen, act wisely and fairly.  It’s how to get good work done: it accelerates prioritization, accountability, responsibility and measurement -- to mark the small and large achievements, and how to adjust to continue to be better.


Through our extensive proprietary research and advisory work with hundreds of senior executive women and men, we have designed programs for those who believe that age knows no boundary and want the wisdom of their experiences, to be unleashed in new ways, for work (and life) to continue to be purposeful and productive. We call this large and emerging sector, ThriversTM.


Best employees are ThriversTM 

See The Shocking Truths



The critical quotient of success is people.  What’s required is a cultural mindset, an openness to new ideas, ability for rapid testing and refining, clear communication throughout, and to be active learners with milestones to consistently measure outcomes.




Brand Strategy + Culture Integration: A process and programs engineered to uncover, define, ignite and reinforce your unique purpose using our proprietary tools, research methodologies and proven resources

Organizational Alignment: Align dynamic and diverse talents, teams and needs across geographies by embedding a simple system that brings unity understanding, focus and ease for getting great work done

Business Development: Set pathways for contagious growth and innovation to achieve near-team and stretch-goals.


Learning In Action: Develop team skills and keen emotional intelligence through a series of group coaching sessions and workshops for accelerating effectiveness and building better relationships. Areas of focus include: 

  • Effective Partnering: Improved Communications and Effective Listening

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Better Time Management


Mindfulness and Contemplative Neuroscience: Get unstuck: demolish stress-related roadblocks, build clarity, peak attention and resilience through mindful practices, tools and understanding neuroscience


Gain the courage to dislodge old habits, discover untapped potential, attain clarity of purpose and design a roadmap for sustained performance.

  • Radical self-inquiry to unlock and clear away deep roadblocks

  • A clear vision + action plan to move purposefully toward your next goal 

  • Learn/deepen practical skills, for greater ease and confidence in shaping your future

The LeadershipworksTM is your blueprint, co-created with you, guided from our own experiences and taps into hundreds of other executives who have been in your shoes. To get the best out of yourself and bring the best out of your team requires an understanding of your own personal drive and purpose -the building blocks for unparalleled achievement.

  • Executive Leadership and Change Leadership: Gain awareness of skills, behaviors, values and motivations to increase EQ, to accelerate results with greater ease, focus and constructive action

  • On-boarding and Expat Re-entry: Goal setting, action planning, and attain traction at an early stage to lead and influence more effectively and garner meaningful wins

Assessments: Objective perspectives to see patterns of what’s working, what’s not, and recommend clear action steps for improved performance


Our programs and services are based on our extensive experience and skills guiding hundreds of people through the psychological and cultural barriers to harness their full potential.

The best employees are ThriversTM

Based on an EY study of professionals across three generations, 

characteristically, ThriversTM scored highest as being:

    • hardworking (73%)

    • productive (69%) 

    • team player (56%)

    • essential for others’ development (55%)

    • best generation to “manage in challenging times (48%)


Like LeadershipworksTM, it’s a blueprint, co-created with you and guided from our own experience and taps into hundreds of other executives who have been in your shoes.  It’s a coordinated process comprised of one-on-one coaching and participation in a series of customized content with the same cohort of Thrivers™: A view into the program:

  • A core network of same-stage, like-minded professionals

  • Radical self-inquiry to unlock and clear away deep roadblocks

  • A clear vision + action plan to move purposefully toward your next goal 

  • Relevant content to access new thinking, collective wisdom and inspiration

  • Dialogue with others in your cohort to share experiences, build relationship and to help root new thinking

  • Learn/deepen practical skills, for greater ease and confidence in shaping your future


As outlined in our CompanyworksTM, our services include programs to help organizations design, enlist and integrate talent and ThriversTM into new roles, building the next generation of leaders starts with leaders.

It's essential to integrate generations with navigating this life challenge

 by providing guidance and training for their next step.

At the same time you:

 Keep true ambassadors

Retain memory muscle longer

Mentor as role models for talent on their way up

Reflection of the company’s social responsibility


Rooted in our deep strategic understanding of ThriversTM, we help brands generate product and communications that deeply connects with the heart of this emergent consumer base. 

We help business leaders, product teams and marketing organizations understand how to authentically connect with and stay ahead of the needs and values of this vital and influential demographic/psychographic

Everything Changed Age By-passingTM