Welcome to The Leadership Studio

The Leadership Studio is a space for leaders, teams and organizations to recharge and rebalace during times of challenge and transformation. Gain the courage to dislodge old habits, discover untapped potential, Attain clarity of purpose and design a roadmap for sustained performance.


Are you stuck?
No clear sense of purpose?

Pulled in too many directions? Has your team lost momentum? Are you no longer able to achieve your goals? Spinning inside? 

To get the best out of yourself and bring the best out of your team requires an understanding of your own personal drive and purpose -the building blocks for unparalleled achievement.


Leadership is exhilarating
And confusing.

To keep up with the demands of leadership and our own desire to make a difference, we push harder, work longer, stay up later and seek more temporary distractions. We're fueled by the unrealistic belief that stress drives peak performance. It can feel pretty lonely up there at the top. Do you know what drives you? Your team?


What happens next starts with you.

Working along side our clients, we quickly pinpoint and dislodge the areas of friction, the hotspots, the gridlock and then design and integrate pathways for near-term and contagious growth. We bring together a unique and interlocking suite of skillsets in building brands and businesses, talent development and contemplative neuroscience to design custom programs.

They are further framed from insights informed by research with hundreds of executives who have learned and succeed in tackling knotty problems of today’s new work world. 

So what’s a leader to do? If you’ve read this far, you’re ready to unleash your full potential. Here’s how:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Change Leadership

  • Assessments

  • Ex-pat Re-entry

  • On-boarding

  • Cross-cultural Integration
  • Develop Team Purpose and Brand Planning

  • Business Development

  • Workshops: Giving & Recieving Feedback, Effective Partnering, Conflict Resolution


  • "The Leadership Handbook" Research Study
  • Peak Performance through Mindfulness & Contemplative Neuroscience