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Why Purpose?

Purpose is good for business, good for people and quite simply good for the world. That's why it's a topic in boardrooms, conference rooms and break rooms. Purpose is a lively conversation starter, rarely an action.

That’s where The Purposeworks comes in. 


Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, catalyzing innovation, merging cultures and provoking new ways of work.

  • But, evolution is messy.

  • We get stuck in established models.

  • Teams resist change.

  • Cultures clash and progress stalls.

  • The critical quotient of success is people. That's timeless.

What demands attention today is how we empower and inspire ourselves and out talent to harness the disruptive potential of change and new cultural requirements to drive revenue growth, brand stature, social impact and personal fulfillment.


Our process is inclusive, practical and effective

We have a process that is engineered to help uncover, define and ignite a unique Purpose – for organizations, teams or individuals. Every step along the journey is filtered through the lens of Purpose to find and articulate a clear, meaningful direction, so the organization can build a culture of shared values and success.

We access a variety of analytic tools and techniques – from qualitative and quantitative research and assessments, to innovation workshops – to help you see what you may be too close to see. And we fuel our engine of inspiration with videos, speakers, articles and books.


We put purpose to work


Once Purpose is clearly defined, we develop clear, actionable initiatives to put it to work, which can include creating and implementing the right mix of communications and experiences to cascade into organizations and engage with customers. 


We’ll build it together


First we build a coalition of representatives from multiple levels and across disciplines so that its members take the lead and become advocates for change. Working with them we create an energetic timetable based on the issues and the company’s commitment to transformation.

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